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Richard T. Curley

Richard T. Curley


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Hudson Mass

Kitchen problems... In Hudson Ma Installations, Replacements, and Repairs

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The Kitchen Business...

Richard T. Curley Plumbing and Heating has provided Hudson MA with the most effective kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, gas stoves, washing machines, and dryers installation, replacements, and repairs, since 1980. We are committed to providing same-day service to Hudson MA residents.

Here at Richard T. Curley Plumbing and Heating, we will never try to sell you something you don’t need.  If you would prefer to keep what you have we will do everything in our power to repair it back to near perfect working condition. 

Kitchen Sinks and Drains...

Kitchen Sinks… We can order and install the kitchen sink of your dreams.  We can install single bowl or double bowl stainless steel or cast iron kitchen sinks. If you are going with Corian or Granite, we will work right along with your countertop installer. As most of the time, these countertops require under-mount sinks, either made from stainless steel or Corian. In which both types of sinks take special mounting procedures to secure the kitchen sink.

Kitchen Drain Problems… We can fix any of your kitchen drain problems,  from leaks in the pipes to just wanting to upgrade a warn-out kitchen drain.

  • Kitchen Sink Strainers
  • Traps
  • Water Supplies
  • Water Valves
Kitchen faucet

Kitchen Faucets...

Kitchen Faucet Problems… If your kitchen faucet is leaking or dripping we can do almost any repair to your good old kitchen faucet to keep it running (no pun intended) for many more years.  Let’s say you are just tired of your old kitchen faucet and would like to upgrade, we can order any kitchen faucet you have in mind and replace that old worn-out one in no time.  

Garbage Disposals...

We can handle all of your garbage disposal problems… From installing new units where you don’t have an existing garbage disposal,  to replacing an old worn-out garbage disposal.  We can repair a jammed unit that is making a buzzing noise or one that is not making any noise at all.

Dishwashers, Gas stoves washing machine and dryers...

Dishwashers… For this item, you’d have to go to the appliance store to make the purchase of your dishwasher and have it delivered to your home.  A lot of time we can work our schedule, so we can disconnect the old dishwasher before the new one arrives so that the delivery men can take the old dishwasher away, and then we will return to connect the new dishwasher that same day in most cases.

Gas Stove… The same thing, you’d have to go to the appliance store to purchase a new gas stove.  A lot of time we can work our schedule, so we can disconnect the old gas stove before the new one arrives so that the delivery men can take the old one away and then hook up the new gas stove that same day.

Washing Machines and Dryers… Again these are items that you’d have to shop for and have delivered to your home. If you have a  gas dryer we would install the gas connection and the proper vent pipe to code. If you have an electric dryer we would install the proper vent only. The electric outlet must already be installed by an electrician.  As a courtesy for our customers, we will connect the washing machine hoses and the drain once both units are delivered and then make sure both units are level.